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External Orders

We have been approached by other groups asking if we can supply them with badges that are no longer available from Scout Stores.

If we have badges that are not needed by our own groups, we are happy to sell them externally. Please email our Badge Secretary with your requirments, together with your full name and address and how you would like the badges sent to you (1st, 2nd, recorded etc) and we will be happy to supply them to you – as soon as we can.

Thank you

2 thoughts on “External Orders

  1. Hi.

    I wondered if you might be able to help. I’m looking for the apparently discontinued Owl Patrol Badge – I need 7 ideally. Would you have any?

    Kind regards,

    James Prisk
    1st Harston Scouts, Cambridge

    1. Hi James, please can you email directly with your request. Thank you

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