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Everyone’s online these days!

And now we are too!

It’s taken a while to get it up and running but we are now able to offer you the opportunity to order badges online.

You will be able to see what badges are in stock, which will hopefully help you.

Payment remains the same – via your group treasurer and collection also remains the same.

We hope you find this site useful. Please do let us know if you spot any mistakes – a lot of the uploading was done late at night so it’s quite possible there may be a few glitches!

Please give us your feedback too – positive and negative.

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Everyone’s online these days!

  1. First badge order done – genius 🙂
    I assume I’ll get an email for when collection is convenient as before?

    1. Hi Jo
      Glad you like it!

      Yes you will get an email. When we are up an running fully you will get notifications to update you on the progress of your order.

  2. Looks good. Have started my order, but is there a quick way or ordering multiple badges? Or do I just have to press add to basket the required number of times?
    Thanks , Mary

    1. Hi Mary
      Thanks for your question.

      If you click on the picture of the badge you will go to a new screen and see a box where you can over type the number of badges you want to order and then click add to basket.

      Hope that helps.

  3. I was trying to order the Scout Scientist Activity Badge but can’t seem to find it on the shop order form. Thanks Louise

    1. Hi Louise
      Have emailed you via the gmail account. Thanks Clare

      1. Hi

        Could I possibly order a DoFE Gold Award for one of my Scout Leaders as you seem to have stock of the older version.


        1. Hi Raven
          Please could you send us an email with your request. The details can be found on our Welcome Page.
          Thank you

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